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What is Mopur

Some features of our products, specifically, MOPUR® Wheat and Chickpeas range.

Some features of our products, specifically, MOPUR® Wheat and Chickpeas range.

What is Mopur

MOPUR®  is a brand new concept in Wheat by-products. It is based on a natural fermentation process which uses the action of a yeast strain specifically formulated to produce food with unique characteristics.

This innovative process cuts down the gluten content to less than 40%, offering clear advantages with the digestibility of this very complex wheat protein.

Spighe Mopur

The production process to obtain MOPUR® even gives the product a micro-fibre type structure, which makes its consistency similar to that of a beef fillet or a steak. The protein content remains very high at well over 30%.

The MOPUR® vegetal meat is also totally cholesterol-free and it is renown for its low percentage of (vegetal) fats, which are never more than 7%.

MOPUR® is produced under a bio-dynamic agricultural system. Bio-dynamics is a holistic approach to organic farming that considers the interrelationship of the soil, plants and animals as a self-sustaining eco-system. Through this method, the product maintains the original nutritional properties of the wheat in a way that is easy to use and consume.

Vegetable Meat Mopur®

Grano Mopur

MOPUR® definitely is a striking innovation on the food market. As far as we know, no similar production processes to exist today, that can reproduce the micro fibre-like structure of meat with wheat gluten, so that the product can be "seasoned".

Specifically, the "ageing" process enriches the amino-acids present, making them even easier to absorb by the human body.

The Nutrition facts, quality and the ease of digestion make the MOPUR® vegetable meat a food suitable for everyone.

The reduction of the gluten during the production process by up to 40%, facilitates easy movement of the product through the intestines, in other words, it's highly digestible!!

Versatile in the kitchen, it is suitable for fast, simple dishes, but it is easy to use even as part of a complicated recipe, complimenting the dish perfectly and allowing you to flavor to your taste, which is especially essential with traditional Italian cuisine.

Catering can take advantage of this product too: it's a good option as an alternative to meat, offering a tasty, healthy, nourishing food, that does not leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

Less fat, More Protein, Zero Cholesterol!

Less fat, More Protein, Zero Cholesterol!

More than 34% Protein!

This is the value which distinguishes ours from any other vegetal product!

EsposizioneChoosing MOPUR® food means eating an organic and natural food which provides many nutrients necessary to help and naturally balance our bodies.
It is the only product to boast an average Proteins percentage above 34%!

MOPUR® foods are suitable for every taste: careful seasoning with a touch of salt and pepper makes it an appetizing proposition for even the most discerning palate.

The tiny remaining amount of gluten makes for easy protein digestion and helps provide a better level of absorption of amino-acids, offering a remarkable benefit in "nutritional" terms.

We know that cholesterol is present in all animal tissue. In MOPUR® there is no cholesterol, so one of the biggest problems of present day nutrition has already been solved from the start.

Even Fat - and we are of course only talking about vegetal fats - are present in insignificant quantities: no more than 7%.

It is possible to prepare appetizing dishes, with respect to traditional Mediterranean cuisine like: starters with the seasoned ham-kind slices, vegetal meat sauce for pasta, pot roasts, pizzaiola, Wiener schnitzel, stews, burgers, roasts, meat balls.

MOPUR® is a healthy food, tasty and full of protein. Easy to digest, with no cholesterol and with only 7% of vegetal fats.