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Tips & Advice

There are some simple things you need to know for cooking MOPUR products. Let's go into details through the “most frequent questions”.

How to preserve MOPUR vegetable meat

Q: How long does vegetable meat keep for?
A: Once it is packed in its plastic bag and preserved in the fridge, the product lasts one year from the date of production. It can last some days at ambient temperature (if it is not too hot like in summer time) but make sure that its plastic bag is not damaged and consume the product as soon as possible.

Q: How long can the product be kept for, once its packaging has been opened?
A: With the only exception of seasoned Mopur, all packagings are intended for family portions and immediate consumption.
If the product is not entirely consumed, wrap the food reminders in the  packaging (or preserve them in another container) and  store them in the fridge: it' is advisable to consume them asap.
Anyway there are not specific contraindications as this food behaves like cheese; in case of moldy surface, it is sufficient to clean or simply wash it.

Q: Is it possible to wash vegetable meat?
A: Yes, it is. The product does not absorb water, therefore taste is not altered at all and cooking times remain the same.

Q: It's impossible to consume seasoned Mopur in a short time: how long does it keep for?
A: We are going to prepare packaging of sliced seasoned Mopur very soon. At the moment the company offers the product in 800 gr packs only, as this size makes it easier to slice the product thinly, as indicated in its most delicious recipes.
Like parmesan cheese, seasoned Mopur gets a mouldy surface after 12-15 days' storage in the fridge: it is non-toxic but not pleasant to taste. You can cut the mouldy section off or simply wash it away.

Q: How can I preserve seasoned Mopur in the fridge?
A: It depends on the kind of fridge: in traditional fridges , preserve the product in its packaging or in another container, better if it is a cheese box. In case of “no-frost” fridges, wrap the product in a humid cloth to mantain its consistency.

How to cook MOPUR vegetable meat

Q: How can I prepare MOPUR vegetable meat?
A: First f all, take Mopur product out of its packaging at least 10 minutes before cooking. In case of Mopur sausages, also take care to remove the artificial gut (sausage casing).

MOPUR foodstuffs are vegetable products derived from wheat.

Therefore be adviced that they are not suitable for dry-heat cooking (baking, roasting, ...)

On the contrary, delicious dishes can be obtained with moist heat cooking that enhances their taste especially if they are combined with vegetables and/or sauces and some extravergine olive oil.

Cook very slowly on a low flame for 5-10 minutes (or even much more, if necessary).
Try our tasty recipes: you will find simple cookig tips for elaborate dishes as well as  easy dishes to prepare in few minutes!

MOPUR Chocolate Nut Spread

Q: How can I preserve Chocolate Nut Spread?
A: Once the glass box is opened, it is advisable to preserve the spread in the fridge. Sure, in the fridge the cream thickens but if you prefer to preserve it at ambient temperature, there is no problem, provided that occasional mouldy surface is removed before consumption.
Anyway...with a dose of good common sense..., consume it asap!