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legumiWhen it comes to talking about proteins, or even about other nutritional aspects of our products, specifically in relation to nutritional benefits, it is necessary to be properly qualified to do so. Mopur Vegetalfood use professional nutritionists and a fully qualified medical-scientific team to support our work, but here, we are only supplying some general information as it is not our intention to give any specific nutritional claims as this is the duty of a qualified professional.


Why to choose Vegetal Proteins? Vegetal Proteins are better.

Since it is so easy to find animal proteins, why would we then have to look for vegetal protein sources, which are more difficult to source? The reasons are significant:

animal proteins always go with saturated fats , which are bad for our health since they activate inflammatory processes against our blood vessels and interfere with the metabolism of fatty acids.
They are more acidifying than vegetal proteins.
They have nitrogenous waste which is more damaging than vegetal proteins, and causes extra work for the liver and kidneys to process.

All that being said, there are also economic and ecological reasons that are no less important.

Animal Proteins have a high commercial cost.
Their production consumes more natural resources, therefore the ecological cost is higher.
It has been estimated that, in order to produce one gram of animal protein, 7 grams of vegetal proteins are needed...

Our products
The products of Wheat range, Lupin range and Ready-to-prepare Dishes are rich in protein and eating them helps you to take the recommended daily allowance (RDA) as suggested by many nutritionists. Most of our products also contain all the essential amino-acids.