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the Biological Philosophy

testAn efficient and effective immune system depends upon the health of our intestines.

What is the relationship between this and the "Biological"?
Current opinion on the concept and the common perception of the significance of the word "biological" is going to gradually  change.

A word that, not so long ago, was linked almost exclusively to mainly fruits and vegetables  and was viewed with suspicion by many, is now going to have a whole new meaning to this generation. "Bio" (from Greek bios) means "Life" and "logic" means "dialogue, treaty, study".

The concept and expression "Biological" is progressively becoming associated with its original meaning, which is "the study of Life". The idea behind the word relates to a concern and respect for all life. Something "Biological" should be viewed as something protecting Life, which is integral to your well being and physical health. The words "Biological" and "Health" working together are a powerful combination.

Trying to define or give a value to the concept of the word "Biological", makes us think of things that are good, healthy and clean (although occasionally it can be confused with the word "ecological", which relates more to the adoption of a different lifestyle in respect of life on Earth). Sometimes we could incur commonplaces crossing our life.

But, in this last word alone, "Life", we can find the interpretation which helps us to understand this essential concept. Or, Life and what our instinct pushes us to do in order to protect it. Our life and that of our loved ones, of our fellows, and so on, extending the concept to the environment, to the animals, to the plants. To all what is life and what we instinctively are keen to protect.

This all is Biological.  At our Company we work on a daily basis towards making a biological contribution. Organic food, made with care and loving attention, for the benefit of all and for the protection of life and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.